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Using customer testimonials are a great way to build credibility, trust, and promote your products and services. But everyone uses text testimonials without a face to the text. How do your customers know if it is a true testimonial and not made up? Well, we have a solution. Using the V-Story for customer testimonials enables you to put a face to that testimonial and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Using the V-Story for your customer testimonials builds higher trust, credibility, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Key Benefits

  • Increase website engagement.
  • Build trust and credibility with website visitors.
  • Leverage your existing client base.
  • V-Stories are easy to implement and create.
  • Have your customers sell for you.
  • Showcase big name clients.

Our Process

Step 1

First, we have a strategy session where we learn more about your business and what you are trying to accomplish with a customer testimonial. We then have you fill out a brief questionnaire that allows us to learn even more about your situation. Once completed, we can either develop a script for your customers or we can have them develop their own for the testimonial video.

Step 2

Second, we can either drive to your customer’s office or they can come into our studio to shoot the customer testimonial video. It is brief and takes less than an hour. We have them speak directly into the camera and make sure they look great as they speak in a clear and concise manner.

Step 3

We then take this raw video shoot and edit it down to around twenty seconds to a minute. It needs to be short, clear, and concise because anything over a minute will drastically reduce your view rate and time spent watching the video. We can add subtle background music and edit the video for any discrepancies. Once completed, we will upload it to your website and host it for you. The process requires minimal time on your end.

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