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Connecting with Employees

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You know and we know it. Sending out lengthy text heavy manuals and PDFs to your employees is a less viable option to communicate to your employees. With so many distractions and heavy workloads, your employee communications can get lost in the clutter. Plus, lengthy text materials have a lower retention rate. So, what do you do? Well, we have a solution. Using a V-Story, you can communicate to your employees in a much more effective manner, and you can even make it fun, which increases employee moral and gives you a new way to communicate to your employees that will be heard.

Key Benefits

  • Increase employee moral.
  • Make your corporate communications more personal.
  • Communicate to your employees in a new exciting way.
  • Cut through the noise and be heard.

Our Process

Step 1

First, we have a strategy session where we learn more about your business and what you are trying to accomplish with your internal communications. We then have you fill out a brief questionnaire that allows us to learn even more about your situation. Once completed, we will develop a script that will showcase what you are trying to convey to your employees so that your message will be heard.

Step 2

Second, we can come to your office to shoot the video or you can come to our high-tech office where we can shoot the live production using a variety of new innovative techniques. The shoot will only take an hour or two per video, and we will have you read your script into the camera.

Step 3

We then take this raw video shoot and edit to the final video. For employee communications, we ideally would like it less than five minutes. If you have multiple communications, we would like them to be less than three minutes each. We make sure your video communicates your message in a clear and concise manner.

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