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The V-Story for Employees

Your vStory™ helps you connect with your employees in new ways you never thought possible.  With all the office distractions, employee open communication and feedback is critical.  With a strategic vStory you can connect to your employees more effectively, which increases satisfaction, productivity and your bottom line.

The V-Story for Customer Testimonials

When a potential customer visits your website, you need to build credibility. A V-Story from TGC Media creates a customer testimonial that shows a person behind the words and helps build credibility and trust to potential customers.

The V-Story for Potential Customers

Everyone knows that your best sales person is your satisified customer. So, have them tell your company story. We provide the turnkey solution to put their story on your website, in your emails and other social media. In today’s crowded marketplace, you need to quickly connect with your prospects and clients. Separate your company from your competition with a V-Story.

The V-Story for Employee Training

Employee training materials can be hard to understand and it does not create a deep connection to your employees. With a V-Story, you can create training materials that help new employees learn their position requirements faster, which ultimately increases productivity and your bottom line.